Coolmedia will create a site that will benefit your business and can adapt to your requirements; based on our knowledge of the internal and our vast experience in Sales and Marketing.

You can click on the thumbnails to browse each site – as you can see, no two sites are the same.

Coolmedia Basic Web Presence Sites
Small websites that provide basic company information. Have as little as one page to several.
These pages usually include; An introduction to the company, an outline of the services or products they offer, contact details and testimonials.
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Coolmedia Functional Sites
These website are fairly small, however the owner requires them to be kept up to date and added to easily.

These sites feature a small admin panel to allow the owner to update their product details and information whenever the need to. Large photos galleries are needed to display product examples.
FACE HAIR & BEAUTY  SALON Bedminster Bristol
Coolmedia Large Database Sites
Large adverting websites. These sites feature a large admin panel where the owners can add or amend adverts, upload stock photos and record all suppliers and buyers details is an advertising site
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Sladesdown Farm Devon
Jollytots Fun for the very young
Fridge Trader - Specialist in refrigerated fridge boxes